Create Dangerously

ISBN: 978-1-9848-9738-1
64 Pages
Publisher: Vintage
by Albert Camus


A bold, timely argument for the responsibility of artists to challenge, provoke, and speak up for those who cannot, from the Nobel Prize-winning philosopher. In a new translation and available as a stand-alone little book for the first time.

“To create today means to create dangerously. Every publication is a deliberate act, and that act makes us vulnerable to the passions of a century that forgives nothing.”

In 1957, Nobel Prize-winning philosopher Albert Camus gave a speech entitled “Create Dangerously,” effectively a call to arms for artists, in particular those who came from an immigrant background, like he did. Camus understood the necessity of those making art as a part of civil society. A bold cry for artistic freedom and responsibility, his words today remain as timely as ever. In this new translation, Camus’s message, available as a stand-alone little book for the first time, will resonate with a new generation of writers and artists.


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