Do Open: How a Simple Email Newsletter Can Transform Your Business (and it can)

ISBN: 9781907974304
160 Pages
Publisher: The Do Book Co
by David Hieatt


How do you grow your business when you don’t have a marketing budget?

How do you stand out in a busy world?

And what if the answer is right in front of you? ‘For me, the newsletter is the most important tool I have in building a global denim brand. Second only to the sewing machine.’

So writes entrepreneur David Hieatt who has based his entire marketing strategy around a simple email newsletter. And it’s worked. The company has grown into a creative global jeans business with a fiercely loyal community. Now, David shares his insight, strategy and methodology so you can do the same. In Do Open you will discover:

  • Why giving is your secret to success
  • How to get people’s attention when time is your biggest competitor
  • Why creating beats sharing
  • How a small team can win

Build community. Build your brand. Build long-term growth. Discover why the humble newsletter is pure and utter gold.