Food Design in Italy: Product Development and Communication

ISBN: 9788891802682
272 Pages
Publisher: Electa
by Alberto Bassi


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An accessible introduction to the design of Italian food branding, packaging, advertising, and marketing, covering all of the most iconic Italian foods, from Nutella to Illy coffee.

This fascinating book delves into the innovative and visually stimulating world of top Italian foods. As the renowned designer Ettore Sottsass once said, “Eating necessarily involves a creative process. In this sense it lies within the realm of the design profession.”

Eighty well-known Italian food products from the nineteenth century to the present day have been chosen and placed in broad historical contexts. The book tells the story of all the design phases of each item—from the initial conception of the idea to its shape, packaging, communication, and advertising. A range of visuals, including original projects drawings, posters, and magazine and television advertisements accompany informative text discussing the role of each brand and its impact on consumers’ personal habits.

Featuring a broad selection of products, such as as Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese, Illy coffee, Panettone Motta, Cirio tomatoes, Barilla pasta, San Pellegrino water, and Nutella, this book is perfect for advertising professionals, graphic designers, brand managers, product designers, and anyone with an interest in Italian food and design.


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