From My Home to Yours: Our spectacular cycling journey from France to Vietnam

ISBN: 9782957725526
374 Pages
Publisher: Thibault Clemenceau
by Thibault Clemenceau


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Embark on a spectacular 16,000km (10,000 miles) cycling adventure with Frenchman Thibault and his newlywed Vietnamese bride Khanh Nguyen!

Khanh Nguyen and Thibault made the craziest decision of their life to spend their honeymoon cycling from his home to her home: from France to Vietnam. Thibault had little experience with long-distance cycling. Khanh Nguyen had none, having never cycled more than a few kilometers…

Cross snow-capped Swiss mountains, face Kalashnikovs in the Iranian deserts, struggle through Indian crowds, hide from Nepalese tigers, shelter in Burmese pagodas and find Vietnam and its rice fields during the rising Covid-19 pandemic.

A memorable journey that will transport you from your sofa to the wider world. Thibault and Khanh Nguyen hope to trigger your inner desire to get on a bicycle and explore Earth and all its infinite beauty!


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