Juniper Mae: Knight of Tykotech City

ISBN: 9781912497454
64 Pages
Publisher: Flying Eye Books
by Sarah Soh


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An action-packed sci-fi story for fans of Hilda and Amulet.

“The incandescent artwork equally embraces both verdant homespun and cool, clean technological aesthetics to give us a new magical girl for readers to follow…A plucky heroine, a cute sidekick, and a well-crafted story that will delight readers.” —School Library Journal

Tykotech City is a marvelous and peaceful place, filled with technology beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. But as power cuts begin to plague the residents, and a sinister force infiltrates the city, the lives of the cityfolk are in terrible danger…​

It falls to Juniper Mae, a tiny, brave inventor, obsessed with the legends of the Guardian Knights, to overcome her fears and save her city. Can she embody the bravery of the Guardian Knights and invent some cool gadgets to save Tykotech City in time?​


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