LIFE The 1960s

LIFE The 1960s: The Decade When Everything Changed

ISBN: 978-1683305392
114 Pages
Publisher: LIFE
by LIFE Magazine


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Year by year, a trip through the decade when everything changed

Here are the 1960s: The Summer of Love, the space race, Vietnam, the assassination of JFK, Andy Warhol, the Berlin Wall, the Beatles. From start to finish, this is the decade when everything changed‚ÄĒwhen¬†we¬†changed. With insightful commentary and hallmark photography from the archives of LIFE magazine,¬†LIFE: The 1960s¬†reveals the turmoil and triumphs of the most tumultuous decade in American history. The shifting people, places, and events are placed in historic context, year by year from 1960 to 1969, and illuminated with award-winning, iconic photos. A thought-provoking introduction by Tom Brokaw spotlights the enduring legacy of these years, powered by the baby boomers and their quest for love, liberty, and equality. Discover the decade as it unfolded with¬†LIFE: The 1960s.


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