The Small-Mart Revolution: How Local Businesses Are Beating the Global Competition

ISBN: 978-1-57675-466-5
312 Pages
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler
by Michael H. Shuman


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Bigger isn’t always better. Contrary to popular belief, small, locally owned businesses often out-perform their “big box” and Fortune 500 competition—both in outright profitability and the value they bring to consumers, workers, and communities. Unlike mega-stores and multi-national chains like Wal-Mart, these small businesses stimulate the economy by buying supplies and services locally, adapt to (rather than fight against) higher local environmental and labor regulations, and stick around for many years, often many generations.

The Small-Mart Revolution details dozens of specific strategies small and home-based businesses are using to successfully out-compete the world’s largest companies. And it shows how consumers, investors, policymakers, and organizers can revitalize their own communities by supporting local businesses.


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