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Custom Order 101:
A Step by Step Guide

Fill out the form
Step 1
Send us the book(s) you’re looking for in the form above; with information such as book title, author, ISBN or the link to the book so we can get your order as accurate as possible.

You can send us as many books as you like!
Fill out the form
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Step 2
We’ll get back to you with the pricing and availability of the listed books within 24 hours. You can specify how you want us to reach you in the form!
Receive prices
Deposit 50%
Step 3
To confirm your order, we kindly ask you to deposit 50% of the total value either by bank transfer or MOMO digital wallet.
Deposit 50%
Books arrive in 3-4 weeks
Step 4
Once your deposit is received, we will proceed to order the books. The estimated arrival time is 3-4 weeks. Once the books arrive, we will be in touch to arrange delivery to you!
Books arrive in 3-4 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we often get from our customers

How long do the books take to arrive?

Once your deposit is received, the books will arrive within 3-4 weeks!

For the deposit, we accept payment by bank transfer or Momo Digital Wallet transfer. 

Once the books arrive the outstanding payment can be made by bank transfer, Momo, or cash on delivery!

As many as you want!

We mostly order books from the USA, and sometimes, the UK.

We will be in touch with the pricing and availability of your books by your preferred method of communication. 

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